Thursday, August 14, 2014

HCA Head Football Coach, Brian Aldridge, Steps Down

HARRELLS, NC- Harrells Christian Academy head football coach, Brian Aldridge, was admitted into the hospital Tuesday afternoon (Aug. 12). Aldridge had been having pains in his side over the past months but overlooked the affliction. Finally at practice on Tuesday he could not even bare to stand up and call the plays forcing him to sit on the sidelines with only the opportunity to observe. Aldridge was then rushed to the hospital where the doctors indicated he had four kidney stones and a ruptured kidney that would need surgery after the stones were passed. The upcoming ,third year, head coach hated to be taken away from the field but was forced to by his waining health issues. Aldridge and his coaching staff decided to hand over the playbook to 6 year assistant coach Winfred Johnson who was more than willing to take on the challenge. New interim head coach Winfred Johnson remarked, "We are all wishing him (Aldridge) well, the kids miss him and we are all thinking about him." 
Six year assistant coach Winfred Johnson will take over as interim head coach after the departure of Brian Aldridge.
Johnson looks to lead his newly motivated team to a State Title.

Aldridge could not be kept away from the action on Wednesday night during the Crusaders Scrimmage against various public schools despite his presence in the hospital. He found himself calling nearly every ten minutes to get an update on how the boys were doing and of course, the score. Aldridge plans on staying as active ,in motivating the team, as possible. He hopes to serve as a mentor to help lead the team to their first State Title since 2008.

Brian Aldridge led last years team to the state championship but came up short of a title.
Aldridge planned to retire at the conclusion of this season after over 30 years of coaching high school football.

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